Plank floors

Historical property with antique mahogany

Installation of antique mahogany with protective wax coat

For the renovation of the beautiful historic property of “Private Bank Brussels” in the Tervurenlaan in Brussels, Corvelyn laid more than 400 m2 of old mahogany floor boards. These beautiful boards had been recovered from the old Ho Chi Ming university in Vietnam.

The modern look of the industrial kitchen sets a striking contrast with the old patina of the recovered mahogany.

The old mahogany floor boards are between 23 and 26 cm wide and reach lengths of over 4 m long.
Corvelyn nv removed all nails from the recovered floor boards and fitted them with a new tooth/groove connection.

After having installed the wooden plank floor, Corvelyn nv applied a protective wax coat that perfectly emphasises the warm patina of the old mahogany in these stately rooms.

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