Plank floors

Antique pinewood plank floor and wide poplar floor boards

In this renovated farmhouse, designed by the renowned architect Bernard De Clerck, Corvelyn installed this beautiful 200-year-old pine ponts de grange from old Swiss barns, with floor board widths of no less than 40 cm and wider. 

We are talking about really old materials here! Since the floor boards are mostly conical (the shape of the tree), these floor boards are laid unevenly with the tops aligned.

The convector grates are always custom-made by Corvelyn in the same wood as the wooden plank floor.

This wooden plank floor fits perfectly with the magnificent wooden cabinet wall, the linen of the seating furniture, the whitewashed walls and the cast iron pillars.

On the first floor, the wide night hall and the bedrooms were fitted with poplar. The wide poplar parts that are 30 cm wide are a must in this house. These floor boards are unique in their width and colour. The light pattern of the floor boards makes the whole a pleasant environment that contrasts nicely with the authentic pine panelling.

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