Aged antique oak and antique oak with authentic patina

The plank floors and the doors in this charming rustic residence were provided by Corvelyn.

In the lounge a robust old oak plank floor was chosen that lends intimacy and cosiness to this prominent space. Corvelyn gave the old oak planks a new tongue and groove so that they could be installed smoothly. Aging the planks after installation prevents them from turning yellow due to UV light. Regular maintenance with a vegetal soap has made this floor more beautiful over the years.

The aging process has become a real Corvelyn speciality. Even the old ceiling was aged by Corvelyn so that all the oak in the space has the same tint, creating calm in this serene lounge.
The double oak panel door was installed in a block frame. Once aged this door blends in with the plank floor perfectly. The oak convector grates were custom-made by Corvelyn and have strong mortise and tenon connections. They blend in with the plank floor.

The old oak doors with authentic patina in metal frames with pivots installed by Corvelyn combine with the aged old oak plank floor perfectly.
The minimalist steps were designed and manufactured by Corvelyn in the same old wood as the doors. The metal construction that holds these steps is discreetly plastered into the wall.

Corvelyn selected magnificent floor boards with an authentic patina for the office of the builder. These floor boards are first softly brushed in the workshop. They combine perfectly with the aged oak of the double door.

The old oak plank floor was even extended into the bathroom! The white walls and the white freestanding bath combined with the warm appearance of old oak immerse this space in a calm atmosphere.

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