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Original boarded floors create a unique personal atmosphere in your dwelling.
Underneath we show you some of our realisations, click on the picture for more information.

Brewery Bosteels

Gentse Burgerwoning

Gamekeeper's house

Country estate - Frank Van Laere

Renovatie Landhuis - Stéphane Boens

Vakantiewoning Knokke-Zoute

Restored farmhouse - Bernard De Clerck


Hongarian Point

Holiday home - Knokke

Contemporary living

Idyllisch landhuis

Seaside villa

Restored farmhouse

Villa - Stéphane Boens

Gerenoveerde Pastorie

Woning - Stéphane Boens

Country house - Vlassak-Verhulst

Restored farmhouse - Bernard De Clerck

Farmhouse - Bernard De Clerck

Country Home - Paul Kindt

Modern Loft

Timeless Villa

Rustic Residence

Timeless Villa

Moderne Loft

Luxurious Loft

Historic Building - Brussels

Modern Penthouse

Historic Building - Ghent

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