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Historic Building - Ghent

In this historic building from 1916 at the Coupure Rechts in Ghent, Bontinck Architecture and Engineering integrated the new offices and reception areas of Delen Private Bank Ghent. Corvelyn nv was asked to renovate all existing parquet floors and stairs and to install new wooden plank floors.

The stunning room below the mansard roof is used for receiving clients and offers a panoramic view. In order to do justice to the warm feeling of the oak floor boards but, at the same time, soften their rusticity, a special oil finishing has been applied.

To do justice to the size of this room, floor boards of more than 30 cm wide and with lengths up to 4 m have been used. Corvelyn nv lays more than 80% of its wooden plank floors on floor heating and uses only the best glues to ensure a perfect result, even with boards of up to 30 cm wide.

For the offices a Hungarian herringbone pattern has been applied. The length and width of the parquet elements have been made to size by Corvelyn nv so that the Hungarian herringbone pattern can hit the mark in every individual office. (photo bottom left)

On the landings the original parquet floors have been carefully renovated by Corvelyn nv; all ornamental parquet floors have been rubbed down, expertly renovated and fitted with a mat coat of oil. (photo bottom right)

In the reception rooms oak boards of 24 by 26 cm have been laid.

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