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Charming timeless residence - Philink architects

The plank floors and the doors in this charming timeless residence were provided by Corvelyn. The doors are installed in forged metal frames that completely plastered into the walls so that only the pivots remain visible. The old oak planks that were used for the doors are the same as the plank flooring on the ground floor. The old wood with its special patina converts these minimalist design doors into beautiful, contemporary works of art on the wall.

The stairs are the eye-catcher of the house and truly unique, both qua concept and choice of material! The steps were made from the same old wood as the doors. The sides of the 4 cm thick steps were carved in a double mitre so that the plaster connects seamlessly and the stairs remain elegant.

The plank floor in the kitchen is robust and allows the occupants to relax and enjoy the woody surroundings. Austere elements such as the thin stainless steel worktop, black wrought-iron door, aged panels in the kitchen are successfully combined with the special plank floor.

This old oak flooring is done full justice in this contemporary realisation by interior designer Jo Lamberts of Epokhe. The patina on these planks is authentic. The aged look came about due to centuries of use. These planks were carefully selected and cleaned in Corvelyn’s workshop.

After a 14-day drying process in vacuum dryers, the old planks acquire a uniform degree of dryness. This makes them extremely suitable for installation on underfloor heating. An oak parquet subfloor and the best glues are always used.

Last year Corvelyn installed more than 80% of its floors on underfloor heating and therefore rightfully calls itself a specialist in this area.

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