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Timeless Villa

The owners of this villa and Jan Corvelyn together selected this old oak plank floor with widths of 16 to 20 cm.

The aged, old oak plank floor makes this house very much alive and bright. The aging of oak is Corvelyn’s speciality : the oak can no longer turn yellow due to the use of products that react with the tannic acid content.

Regular maintenance with special soap makes this floor look better and better, even after intensive use in these thickly wooded surroundings.

Corvelyn is also very proficient in covering concrete steps with the same planks as the plank floor.

This can be done in different styles. An austere, timeless staircase without stair nosing has been selected here.

Old oak planks were also chosen for the upper floor, though narrower in order to create more intimacy, and with the same aged finish.

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