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Farmhouse by Bernard De Clerck

In this renovated farmhouse, designed by the famous architect Bernard De Clerck, Corvelyn laid down this wonderful 200-year-old pine ponts de grange from old Swiss sheds, with plank widths of 40 cm and wider.

These are really old materials!

The planks are placed irregularly with their heads in one line, as they are usually conical (the shape of the tree).

The convector gratings are by Corvelyn, always made to measure with the same wood as the plank floor.

This plank floor perfectly matches the fine wooden cupboard wall, the linen of the seats, the whitewashed walls and the cast iron columns.

The 30 cm broad poplar sections are a must in this home. The width and colour of these planks are unique. Their light pattern makes the whole into a pleasant environment, which contrasts wonderfully with the authentic pine panelling.

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