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Restored farmhouse

Old oak planks have been used to great effect in this timeless project by architect Bernard De Clerck. The patina on these planks is authentic. The timeworn look is the result of centuries of use. These planks were carefully selected and finished in the Corvelyn workshops. After being dried for ten days in the company’s vacuum dryers, the old planks reach the same degree of dryness, which means that they are perfectly suited for use on top of under-floor heating. The company always installs an under-parquet and uses the best glues.
The stairs are also in old oak planks with an authentic patina.
In the past year, Corvelyn have laid over 60% of their floors on under-floor heating and can rightly be seen as specialists in this area.
The old pine planks in this kitchen are from a warehouse in Nancy (France) and have a width of up to 50cm. These wide planks have the unusual characteristic of being tapered; the original craftsman wanted to keep the planks as wide as possible, so followed the natural tapering of the trunk when he cut the wood. All of the kitchen appliances, including the oven and the fridge, are concealed behind the large cupboard doors.

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