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Restored Farmhouse - Bernard De Clerck

With the exception of the entrance hall, this entire house, designed by architect Bernard De Clerck, has been equipped with wooden floors by Corvelyn. An oak parquet floor with 19cm-wide planks has been laid in this kitchen and dining area.
Corvelyn uses only the best products, such as mosaic oak parquet underlay and elastic two-component adhesive. The results are always outstanding: here, reflections of the roof trusses on the floor in the form of cross planks within the parquet. These wooden floors have been aged with products developed by Corvelyn following years of research and experience.
This teakwood floor in the bathroom works perfectly with the aged wooden floor in the master bedroom. The teak planks are ideal for this humid space and do not require any further treatment. Simple maintenance with water and natural soap.
The convector grilles were made specially to blend in with the floor.

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