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Authentic Hongarian Point

This authentic Hungarian point from 1870 came from the Red Cross headquarters in Avenue George V in Paris, which have now been transformed into a modern office complex.
Corvelyn was able to obtain this unique floor of over 3000m2 in size. Owing to its huge surface area, the floor was originally created by a number of craftsmen, and every piece of wood had to be given new, uniform tongue-and-groove joints.

The original patina was retained and occasional authentic traces of sealing wax can be seen on the parquet.

No border has been created around the edge of the room, so as not to draw attention away from the Hungarian point. The only finish applied after installation was a new layer of polish.

The oak doors were also created and given a grey finish by Corvelyn. The double doors here have been placed in a block frame, but Corvelyn also makes simple doors with old planks hinging on two pivots within an iron frame discreetly built into the wall.

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