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Orangerie in a grand country house

For this orangery in a grand country house, Corvelyn used reclaimed teak planks from old houses in Indonesia. The wooden floor was glued and nailed onto an 18mm sheet of OSB with a joist structure beneath. The nails are almost invisible and serve only to hold the planks in place while the glue dries. Granular insulation has been inserted between the joists. The wooden floor fits perfectly with the wrought-iron windows and is level with the terrace, so that there is no doorstep when the windows are open.
Once in Corvelyn’s workshops, nails are removed from the planks, which are then sorted and cut to size to prepare them for installation.

The convector grilles are made with mortise-and-tenon joints from the same reclaimed teakwood as the floor.

The cupboard door, bookshelves and stairs are in the same material. The clean lines create an airy atmosphere, with no rough and rustic feeling, completely in harmony with the English garden.

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