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Brewery Bosteels

An old oak floor was installed in this room under the supervision of Monumentenzorg, the organisation for the conservation of monuments and historic buildings.

This magnificent room is part of the elegant house belonging to the famous Bosteels brewery in Buggenhout.

This house was designed in 1859 by the renowned Ghent architect Louis Minard (1801-1875) The brewery uses this room for receptions and presentations, so a robust oak floor was chosen, which creates a cosy atmosphere in this beautiful room.

The planks on either side of this magnificent open fire further accentuate its central position in the room. Corvelyn gave these old oak planks new tongue-and-groove joints to make them easy to lay. The planks were aged after installation to prevent the floor turning yellow in the UV light. Regular use of a vegetable-based soap has ensured that the floor has become even more beautiful with time.

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