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Corvelyn is a family company which is the leading expert for years in exclusive wooden floorboards.

Jan and Carine Corvelyn like to welcome you in  their spacious showroom located in Aalter.

We manufacture wooden floorboards in new and reclaimed wood like oak, pitch-pine, teack and exotic woods.

Corvelyn Ltd now disposes of the largest stock of old lumber in Europe.


A visit to our warehouses and workshop will convince you of our professionalism. Our trumps are order and tidiness.

As an experienced antiquarian is Jan Corvelyn always hunting for rare reclaimed wood.

A vintage wooden floor from a barrack 

Beautifull old American Pitchpine beams are being salvaged from a 19° century dockhouse in Le Havre
Salvage is only the first step in the production process.
The raw materials need to be manually sorted, scrap nails removed and sawed.

To obtain a perfect stability in placement, all our lumber is dried in our own vacuum driers

After sawing, smoothing, grating or brushing are these exlusive boards packed and stored in our
warmed warehouse.


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